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Dresses… so many dresses!

My wardrobe is about to EXPLODE! It has areas of “black holes” where things go in and just disappear…

So to reclaim some space and make room for when Zara opens in Australia (we must be the last place on earth it hasn’t opened).
I have decided to part with clothes that I haven’t worn in a very long time.  These dresses are in excellent condition, but for some reason are no longer me*. They deserve a new home and to be out in the open, not cooped in the endless black hole.

Pictures 1 & 2
Vintage 1970 or 80’s Nina Ricci
Size: Does not specify.
Measurements are:
20cm arm hole (I have noo idea if that’s the correct term)
46cm across the bust
94cm length of dress
Accessories: Looks better with a white belt. Couldn’t find mine in the black hole.
Update the look: If you can sew, which I cannot, unstich the hem and turn it into a mini dress

Buy it here: on ebay

Picture 3
Vintage “Giorgio” dress
Size: 14 – I have no idea why I bought this as I am a size 8. Oh yes I remember! I thought I’d learn to sew one day and could alter the size a bit as I love the geometric pattern. But, alas it was not meant to be.
Measurements on the tag:
To fit
Bust: 99cm
Waist: 78cm
Hip: 95cm

Buy it here: on ebay

Pictures 4 & 5
David Lawrence Stripped dress
Size: AUS 8
Measurements: Bust: 40cm Waist: 36cm
Accessories: Comes with a tie thing in the same fabric as the dress, however, jazz it up with a tan or cream thin belt.

Buy it here: on ebay

Pictures 6 & 7
Diane von Furstenberg
Size: US 2
Measurements: 32cm across the bust
I was tossing up whether to sell this dress as it’s beautiful silk with a yellow and tan pattern, but it’s just a bit too tight around the bust and I know I won’t wear it regularly.

Buy it here: on ebay

*me as in my style today. But my style varies, though I’d like to think so.

All measurements unless specified are approximate and taken flat across the front.


Hello world!

Well, what can I say? Welcome for one.

I’m not sure what this blog will focus on… I love fashion, design, food… So I guess it will be about all that and possibly more!

What’s in the name? Well, lots. For those that know me, I cannot spell (I think I missed that class in school) but for the most part it’s about finding the beauty in something that’s not perfect.  I can and do sometimes let my perfectionism take control, not to say that’s a bad thing but it’s about finding the right balance.

Like all things in life, whether it be fashion style, design and culinary delights – the key to making it outstanding is balance.