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A short hiatus.

Dear readers.

I love writing this blog.  It providers me with a creative outlet to write about fashion, design and potatoes… I mean food!

Unfortunately, other stuff is happening and work is going a bit nuts, which leaves me little time for… me.

I will, however return, so subscribe to my blog and you’ll be informed of the next post! Easy!



Virgin's New Look

I haven’t been required to wear a uniform since primary school (elementary school for some of my international readers, are there any? Helloooo?) and I work in an environment where I usually get to wear what I like, i.e. not corporate (the idea that I have to wear shirts and boxy jackets would just kill me).  Where am I going with this you ask?

Virgin Blue just launched their new customer service staff uniform (I think that’s what their job title is nowadays, instead of air hostess or flight attendant) with much fanfare.  They even brought in Elle Macpherson to… walk the catwalk and attract media attention, which she did.  Though she might have attracted some serious attention if she actually modelled the uniform. (Not to mention my surprise at a close-up shot of her.  Disappointed that she has had work done on her face.  Move forehead!) Anyway, that’s beside the point.  The new uniform was designed by Project Runway winner Juli Grbac (Project Runway is a reality TV program for budding fashion designers in the same vein as Top Model or Idol).

Elle with others modelling Virgin's new uniform

I must say it’s a very similar cut to their previous uniform, the thing that I noticed the most is the scarf!!! Imagine how annoying that is while working!! Not just that, it’s not even nice scarf.  Not to mention a clumsy attempt at using the colour wheel to try and introduce a new colour (I don’t think purple was in Virgin’s original colour scheme but I could be wrong).  Okay maybe I am being a bit harsh and they do seem to remove the scarf once flying, which would lessen the annoyance.

Qantas has had a variety of uniforms, its latest was designed by Peter Morrissey, which in my humble opinion is the better of the two Australian airlines. The ‘dusk’ print – characterised by silver and blue tones – features the distinctive ‘Wirriyarra’ textile design from Balarinji Design Studio is what gives the uniform the edge.

Classy and professional - Qantas uniform launched 2008

I do think the uniform is important in building the company brand and many other airlines have harnessed this, such as Singapore Airlines.
Singapore Girl was coined in 1972 when Pierre Balmain (yes THE Balmain) a French haute couture designer, was hired by Singapore Airlines to construct and update the Malay “Sarong Kebaya” as part of the cabin crew’s uniform. Since then, the uniform has gained worldwide recognition as part of Singapore Airlines’ recognisable signature branding.  Since 1972, the image of the Singapore Girl has appeared in advertisements in almost all media forms and promotions across the world.

Singapore Airlines iconic Singaporean Girl

In Japan, airline uniforms are also a serious business, for an entirely different reason.  Apparently All Nippon Air (Japan’s domestic airline) has microchipped its uniforms to track them and ensure they’re not sold on the black market (clearly privacy is not an issue).  Japan Airlines are said to have a department where each item of clothing has a serial number and are tracked based on staff schedules and routes.  These uniforms can fetch upwards of $3000, with a rumour that they can fetch $11,000 for a set!! If you ask me, I’d much rather a Chanel jacket, but then again I don’t think it’s women buying the uniforms on the black market, hence why staff are required to return their uniform upon leaving the company.

Japan Airlines uniform - also with a scarf, far less distracting though

Gulf Air and its distracting hat

Gulf Air would have to take the cake in ridiculous headgear as part of the uniform.

You can check out other airlines here and Qantas has a great picture gallery of its past uniforms from 1948! My fav is the one from 1964 to 1969 – check it out!

Are you required to wear a uniform to work and do you like it? What do you think of the new uniform at Virgin Blue?

FYI: My next post will be who’s wearing what at the 2011 Academy Awards. I can’t wait!

A New Look

Do you like it?

With the feedback received and after a couple of posts I have a better idea of what I want my blog to look like.

This process is a bit like moving into a new home. I think, when you first move in you have an idea of what you want and where you put stuff. But after a while, you get a better feel of the home and movement flow. That’s when decorating becomes fun and practical. So I’m a firm believer in not rushing to furnish a home.

Only buy things you love and not because it suits a certain space. Reason being is when you move to a new home, you’ll find a place for that item, whereas something unloved might end up on the curb side.

So I will be tinkering around the edges of my ‘new look’ blog, but no more drastic changes… I don’t think… I don’t want to lose the familiarity of my blog, and the writing style with my bad spelling and grammar won’t change.

The pictures in the heading may change time to time so watch out for it. Today the first picture is me in my average spotty dress that I blogged about. Picture 2 is of Picasso and the stripes in the same post. The third picture is of the yummy scrambled eggs and finally photo four was taken at a Styling for Photography class. I might blog about it one day.

Would love to know if you have anymore suggestions?

Unknown designer Christian Dior (yes, there was such a time) launched his first collection for Spring-Summer 1947. The collection became synonymous with the phrase New Look, and after Harper’s Bazaar ‘s editor-in-chief Carmel Snow’s exclamation, “It’s such a New Look!”. Beat that Anna Wintour!

Christian Dior presented a fairytale collection of ballerina-length skirts, narrow shoulders, hand-span waists, embroidery, beading and silk. This was a stark contrast to previous years where resources were scarce and fashion was more practical rather than whimsical.

Dior the "New Look"

An original Christian Dior design in 1947

John Galliano updated this ‘New Look’ in 2010, but silhouettes of past can still be seen.

and the John Galliano, Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture

Another John Galliano, Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture

Dress used in a Vogue Paris editorial. Styled up by the great Carine Roitfeld and modelled by the British model Lily Donaldson (who kinda looks like Kelly Osbourne in this photo).

Do you have a ‘New Look’ happening in your life?

Oh my Gaga

I received an email from a reader, actually she’s family and therefore obligated to read my blog.  However, she was not obligated to email and ask follow-up questions, though the same email pointed out my spelling/grammar mistakes.  Anyhow, the question was what I thought about Lady Gaga and the egg outfit (can you really call it an outfit?) at the Grammy Awards?

Well, honestly, I hadn’t really noticed it.  Although it was all over the news (I still fathom to see how this can be news) and had to  be living in a cave (or egg) if you didn’t hear about the Gaga.  So I did hear about it, but refuse to pay attention to it.  I think she is a smart little cookie.  Her outrageous outfits create a persona because if she walked past me in jeans and a tee I would not notice her (though her die hard fans might).  Her private life, is private – supposedly she has a boyfriend and is getting married too! That would be a wedding dress, watch out Catherine Middleton! Point is we don’t really know, unless she releases a carefully worded press release and I think that’s the way she likes it.

Lady Gaga making her entrance, hatching from the egg, oh sorry, it’s actually a womb.

Lady Gaga in her raw meat dress (which almost turned me into a vegetarian and that’s saying a lot) designed (yes, it was designed) by Franc Fernandez that she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Do you think she topped the meat dress with the egg, uh, piece?

Personally, I like my eggs and meat cooked, but not together, unless it’s eggs and bacon.  My favourite is poached eggs one a good slice of bread.  Although on Saturday I had yummy baked eggs with mushroom, thyme and gruyère cheese at the Hardware Société.  The baked eggs were oh my gaga!  It’s such a cute little cafe too and seems to be all the rage with food bloggers, you can read about it here, here and here.

Mr Purfect had a equally tasty scrambled eggs with chorizo and possibly something else.

I don’t particularly have a meat preference, poached eggs and bacon is a classic.  Pancakes and bacon is divine, the sweetness from the pancakes mixed with a hit of savoury… mmm goodness.  Last night while wearing my new outfit, we dined at Papa Goose. We had the 5 course degustation, and overall the meals were good (not amazing, but good), the stand out for me was the slow roasted quail, beetroot, lentils, with a pear puree.  Tonight I had a Jamie Oliver inspired egg, spinach, pine nuts filo pastry pie for dinner, it was very yummy. Thanks chefs involved in it’s creation.

How do you like your eggs and meat?

Bad Influences…

I had planned on blogging about something totally different… but this is way more important!

Remember my consume less is more thing? It was to be my New Year’s resolution. You can read about it here.

I lasted 48 days.

It all began when my very best friends came down to visit and we went to the coast.  Actually we ate our way to the coast!  Lunch at Earl Canteen, followed by a pit stop at the Bottle of Milk for some tasty burgers… mmmm.

Anyway my very best friend number 1 (there were 2, hence the plural of ‘friends’.  Sorry, very best friend number 2. I still love you… like a brother) and I have very similar tastes in clothes, but we have different styles – we just wear the same clothes differently.  Our email that day was:

BF1: Hey, just letting you know I’m wearing the CR dress that you have – the one with colour prints that you wore when you visited last.
ME: Haha… that’s cool, I’m wearing the orange dress that you have.
BF1: I was going to wear that! But decided it doesn’t travel well…
ME: Lucky!

Basically, we both own lots of the same pieces of clothing, which isn’t very cost efficient.  If we both lived in the same city (like we use to, actually it was a town not a city) we would have a MASSIVE wardrobe! How awesome would that be….

Over the weekend, we looked at a couple of coastal shops (as you do on holidays, right?). At this stage I was a little worried cos BF1 was somehow able to pick out stuff that I would like, though this time we were both unsuccessful, which was successful for my ‘consume less is more motto‘.

Until…. BF1 went shopping with BF2, and afterwards when we caught up for coffee, BF1 informed me that there were some places still had sale signs. “Anything good?” “The entire Gorman shop was on sale, apart from one rack. You should check it out.”  For some reason this was burned into my memory.

So when I combine what BF1 said and a particularly stressful week at work, I had no chance.

I’ll just visit Gorman, there will be nothing there… after all it’s been on sale for aaaaages.

Who was I kidding?  I walked away with a skirt, yes on sale and yes broke my New Year’s resolution.

Such a fab skirt though.

Problem was, I needed a matching top.  An inner beast has been unleashed.  I steered towards Witchery, which was having a 25% sale on everything and found a matching top! Easy.  (Actually, I spotted it online a week or so ago, but resisted… then.)

The end result? An awesome outfit for dinner tonight. Oh yeah!

Apologies for the bad photo, unlike many bloggers – I don’t have a photographer for a partner.  This was taken at the end of the night, hence the wrinkled skirt… I would have tried to get the photo taken at the beginning of the night but was running super late.  Story of my life.

As for the New Year’s resolution, there’s always next year.

So! What/Who are your bad influences and can/do you stay away from them?

The dilemma of what to wear….

I recently went to the coast with some very best friends for a long weekend.  My very best friends travelled over 650 kilometres just to see us.  I’m trying very hard to convince them that this city is the place to be.  Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The weather on the coast was very average and very temperamental.  Usually, the equation is: summer + holidays + hot weather = shorts and a cute top.  I can do that! But what if: holidays + average weather = what to wear.

Jeans! Always easy to wear, but on holidays I like to lounge and eat a lot… of potatoes, usually.  Jeans doesn’t really allow for flexibility. But, before you say tracksuit pants, let me get something clear – I NEVER, EVER wear tracksuit pants, I don’t care if they say Juicy across the bum or were designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas, it’s just not me.  Don’t get me wrong, other people seem to wear them well and they look… comfortable.

So what else is there?  Stripes.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis still looking stylish in striped top. Stripes were all the rage over SS10/11, but do we know the history of the stripe shirt?  Apparently, the striped shirt came into its own after the 1858 Act of France on March 27th recognized the ¾ length-sleeve navy and white striped shirt as the uniform for French navy seaman.  How stylish are the French?! Seriously, the striped shirt was a uniform! How hot.

Anyway, supposedly, if a sailor fell overboard, “the distinctive block pattern of this French striped shirt made him easier to spot, when trying to stay afloat in the waves”.  I doubt this is true, but nevertheless is a charming story.

Check out Coco Chanel and Picasso in the striped shirt.  Cool pictures hey?

Although these looks are trés trés chic, and very French Riviera it’s just not coastline of Australia.  There is the image out there somewhere that Australia is warm and beachy.  But not where we were over the weekend!  Friend said it reminder her of England! It was just an overcast day…

Harem pants look like they would be comfortable and stylish but as I’m vertically challenged, they tend to look rather ridiculous on me…  However, I like this look.  It can be dressed up, like in the photo or casually with a loose cotton tee.

Étoile Isabel Marant’s black cotton harem pants with a white star and circle Herbin print from net-a-porter.

Although on closer inspection the pants looks a bit nappy like, but it could work, maybe.  In the end, I wore tights and a spotty dress, it was an average outfit.

So I need some inspiration, what do you wear on holidays when the weather is a bit average?

More interesting reading on the stripes can be found here and here.

A day of red… on Valentine's Day

Unless you were living in a cave, today is Saint Valentine’s Day.

A friend of mine asked me not to poo-poo all over Valentine’s Day (apologies for all the mental images this sentence has conjured) and I wasn’t going to, but I changed my mind.

I don’t know why I have such an aversion to Valentine’s Day, nothing bad has happened to me on this day (touch wood).  Maybe I dislike $65 for a dozen (often, wilted) red roses, or corny messages of love, such as:

Dear Cutie,
Another year goes by and our lives change so much.
2011 brings with it a new house and bundle of joy!
The flame I have for you burns stronger everyday.
I love you so much and can’t wait for the excitment this year will bring!
Happy Valentines Day my gorgeous…
Your Bubbaloo xxx

Well Cutie, you’re not going to get much sleep tonight!


I googled “history of valentine’s day” and wanted to fall asleep reading some of the entries. Even Wikipedia let me down.

However not all is lost on me. I love the colour red (though we’re not exclusive).  Red is usually the symbolism of love and/or passion for today.  I don’t know why. Probably just a marketing conjured up during the Mad Men era.

In fashion and design, red just makes a statement.  New York fashion week is on and though I don’t religiously follow fashion weeks (provides limited inspiration for already owned clothes), I do like to browse through pictures on my lunch break.

Victoria Beckham is making a name for herself in fashion.  She has always been stylish (whether you like her style is a completely different story) but I don’t think she was taken seriously at first.  She has, in my humble non-fashion experienced eye, proven herself. The tailoring looks impeccable, nice clean lines, and I can’t imagine her skimping on the quality of the fabrics either.

Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Victoria Beckham

In my humble abode I have a striking red dining table from Matt Blatt and I have matched it with random chairs, including a clear Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck.  One day I’ll put photos up, in the meantime, use your imagination.

I have always been attracted to red as an accent colour, before my red dining table, I used to have a much loved red couch.  The poor couch had many, many bottoms sit, lie and stand on the couch.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the couch alone, all the photos have human individuals who will kill me if I posted pictures of them on here.  So here is part of my old red couch and some floor cushions, which I still have and love.

It seems I’m not alone in using red in design. The Chinese used red in its Forbidden Palace way before I came along!  I love the detail… you don’t see buildings with such workmanship anymore.

Do you enjoy Valentine’s Day? Or are you like me, and think it’s full of ick? Is red your colour too?