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A season of change… now what to wear?

I mentioned before that with the beginning of Autumn (yes, yes, I know we’ve had a very average summer, but just go along with me here) and cooler temperatures means warmer clothes.  But, if you’re like me, you were totally unprepared.  I was ridiculously late into work (more so than usual) one day because I couldn’t figure out what to wear!  I didn’t have my warm clothes groove yet.  Meaning I forgot what I wore to work last Autumn…

Where I work, black tights in cooler weather is like the uniform.  However, I’ve been noticing a change to this uniform.  Ladies are rebelling and I like.

I like this dark grey/purple tights, it's a softer look to black tights. I also like this dress...

Grey can be the new black, i.e. goes with everything.

Would you dare wear an exclamation mark on your legs?

Cynthia Rowley’s Embellished Tights were hip this time in 2009 - but I still think they're awesome. Don't you?

What do you think of the different tights and will you wear them this Autumn/Winter?


Back from the market.

A few posts ago, I wrote about designery markets that were on in Melbourne.

I was disappointed about Hide & Seek Market that according to the newspaper was supposed to be on last, last Sunday (20 March), however it was not on (probably some miscommunication between the market organiser and newspaper).  So I walked away with an empty heart but a coffee in hand.  So all was okay in the world. According to the website, it’s on again (maybe) Sunday 3 April.

Last weekend the Finders Keepers market was on at Docklands.  I went on Saturday after delightful coffee with Something beginning with F in my old hood before Saturday afternoon drinks.

Arriving at the market, I was in my element.

Plenty of designers showcasing their goods, which ranged from handmade prints, jewellery, cute babies out fits, and bags.  I’ve been to enough of these things to not buy spur of the moment, (unless it’s a bargain) but rather I enjoy checking out what’s new and who’s making it.  I did pick up a wonderful tote for a birthday present and a range of designer business cards – designers to keep my eye on.

I did covet one of these pouf / footstool / floor cushion thing by Mookah. But Mr Purfect is not convinced… yet.

Did I also mention that the Taco Truck was there?  OMG. Delicious. I have been wanting to try Taco Truck for aaages, after reading about it here and was discouraged by the idea that their location is advertised on Twitter and… I don’t have one of those things. Gasp.

Did you get a chance to visit Finders Keepers and did you covet/purchase anything?

A season of change…

It might not feel like it, but March brings in the season of Autumn (I’m in the Southern hemisphere). The weather has been all over the place and it’s been difficult to know the actual season.

image: Darren Stones

However, the trees know exactly what season it is and are changing the colour of their leaves to the beautiful golden browns and reds, before falling on the ground. I love
the crunching sound created by all the fallen leaves under your feet when walking or wheeling somewhere.
For me, the tree outside my window will soon no longer provide any privacy, which means I need window coverings. Nooo I am not an exhibitionist (I know what you’re thinking), and I do have window coverings, but they are so hideous that I always have to have them drawn…  Below is an example of one of my venetian blinds, it looks a lot worse in real life.

images: Mr Purfect – a non-photographer

I know there are nice ones available, but mine are not the nice ones. They remind me of a 1980s dentist office. Seriously. They came with the place, and in typical of my style, I ummmed and ahhhhhed for years about what to get, there’s a lot of choices out there.

Personally, I’m old fashioned, I think I talked a little bit about it here. That means I prefer drapery…. Yep, curtains. Not the bouffant variety! That’s so 1980s too! But the sleek variety in the pictures below. They use an s-track system that gives it the uniform wave look. If money did grow on trees, I would have gone for this option.

images: Apartment Therapy

Unfortunately, it doesn’t and I didn’t want to over capitalise doing-up the little apartment (that I’m so attached to). So I went for the cheapest option and got roller blinds. I know they could be rather boring too but they have to be better than the 1980s venetians! I’m just waiting for them… they will arrive any day now and I can’t wait!

What type of window coverings do you have?

And the spots are spreading…

A few weeks ago I wrote about the return of the polka dot… Well, it is back and slowly spreading…

In New York (everybody seems to have gone or is going but meeee… Sorry, digressing) Kate Winslet walked the red carpet at the premiere of her new mini-series in a Stella McCartney dress with polka dot panelling.

Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney RTW Fall 11 - Exit 42

image: Getty

I preferred some of the other polka dot styles, but I do think this is very flattering on Ms Winslet.  Fun and Serious in one dress. Bargain.

Now, if only I can get my clothes straight off the runway. I might actually get to work on time, instead of loitering in front of my wardrobe, aka ‘the black hole’.

A video to remember… or not.

Today there was a ‘news’ article about a couple in England who paid £350 for a videographer to capture their special day and this is what they got.

Poor couple. I hope the photographer was awesome.

When videos are done properly, it’s really spectacular.  The below video is on my favourites list as it just makes me feel all gooey inside.  I don’t even know the couple and yet I feel privileged to watch it. Thank you April and Jeremy for sharing your day.

If you have problems viewing the video (as I am not much of a technological person), visit the old fashion link here

What do you think of April and Jeremy’s video? How do you capture your special memories?

To market, to market, to buy…

I used to think that Sydney had better markets than Melbourne.  I’m not talking about the fresh produce variety, more like the fashion and designer wares variety.  I try to coincide my visits to Sydney to include a trip to Paddington, Glebe, Kirribilli or Surry Hills markets.  One time I even tried to visit all four, but only made it to three and that was tiring, more so for Mr Purfect, poor guy.

However, Melbourne is catching up and might even surpass Sydney markets (gasp).  Markets provide an opportunity for designers to showcase their goods.  It’s where Sass & Bide and Dinosaur Designs first started, as it provided an opportunity to test out their products and obtain feedback.  So you never know… you might be buying something from the next super star.

Regular Markets

Rose Street
Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 5pm
60 Rose Street Fitzroy, in between Brunswick and Nicholson Streets
More info here

This market is a hidden treasure among the already established shops along Brunswick St. Stalls range quirky furniture design and well designed fashion through to intricate jewellery and unique paintings. It’s a place where you can  pick up a unique present for someone special.  I picked up an owl printed on an organic cotton pillow case.  It feels dreamy soft.

Shirt and Skirt Markets
3rd Sunday of every month from 10am-4pm
St Heliers Street, Abbotsford
More info here

The Shirt and Skirt Markets is held on the grounds of the historic Abbotsford Convent. The Abbotsford Convent is an extraordinarily beautiful building. You can picnic by the river before perusing the stalls or have something to eat at the Bakery café or Lentil as Anything. Apart from the market stalls, the Abbotsford Convent houses some beautiful studios that are sometimes open to the public. When I last visited there was a glass-making studio and it was fascinating to watch the artist make a glass vase from scratch.

Special Event Markets

Magnolia Square
St Kilda Town Hall – 99a, Carlisle Street
June 23-26 2011
December 8-11 2011
Malvern Town Hall – 1251 High Street, Malvern
April 28-30 2011
August 4-6 2011
December 1-3 2011
More info here

Magnolia Square is not really a traditional market, it’s more of a ‘pop-up retail concept’, which still sounds like a market with advertising spin. However, from the glimpse of their ‘look book‘, I have no doubt I am going to like.

Hide and Seek
Sunday, 20 March 2011
1000 Pound Bend – 361 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne
More info here

This is a brand new market to Melbourne, and will check it out tomorrow so stay tuned for an update.

The Finders Keepers
26-27 March 2011
Open Channel, Shed 4 – Victoria Harbour, North Wharf Road, Docklands
More info here

I went to the first Finders Keepers market in Surry Hills, Sydney* and since then I’ve watched it grow into a bi-annual event that showcases the work of emerging designers and artists from all around Australia.  They also feature live music from emerging local musicians and they aim to re-create a festival type feel with a bar and café.

Markets at Federation Square, Melbourne

MARKit@Federation Square
Corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne
29 May 2011
27 November 2011
More info here

Melbourne Design Market
Federation Square Carpark – Corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne
24 July 2011
4 December 2011
More info here

The Melbourne Design Market was the ‘original’ market at Federation Square, which started a long time ago to showcase up and coming designers.  It’s where I picked up my Zaishu stool with a Florence Broadhurst print.  However, of late it’s become less of emerging artists market to emerged shops market.  I noticed products from Aesop and other familiar brands such as Fat, RG Madden, Design Dispensary and Body.  It was disappointing

Last year the two markets were on at the same time and it was crrraaazzzyyy.

MARKit has potential as it showcased quirky typographic totes; laser cut badges accessories in acrylic and balsa wood; unique resin jewellery that takes traditional shapes and puts them in a different context by the materials used.  It seems this is the new design market at Federation Square.

Are you a market person and will I see you there?

*I think. My memory cannot be relied on for accuracy.

The festival of… fashion weeks.

You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting lately, and I’m not sure exactly why either… but I guess I haven’t been inspired.  There’s a lot happening in the world at the moment and I feel that’s more important than the stuff I usually post about.  Nevertheless, it’s also important to provide some cheer in an otherwise difficult time.

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is on until 20 March.  Monday was the launch, which was quite different this year as it was open to mere mortals like… me!  In previous years, the launch was an exclusive event at Government House.  Though they did have a Program Launch at Government House in February. The change of the runway launch is attributed to Grant Pearce, LMFF Creative Director. In his first year, Grant has introduced new events, greater variety and more targeted business offerings. Or so he says.  Reviews of opening night have been mixed, you can read about it here or here.

Now you might be wondering where I was?  I do love fashion, but I’m not a fashion follower, in a traditional sense. I wear things that I like and have a certain style (stylish but not trendy). I still wear pieces (fashion language darrrr-linnng) I’ve had for years!  I’m proud of Australian fashion and love some of our labels, but our Fashion Festival isn’t really that exciting.


Well, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it… for this minute.

The Melbourne Fashion Festival is not like the Fashion Weeks of Europe or New York or even our Australian Fashion Week, which is just before the other international fashion weeks.  The designers are not showcasing their Autumn/Winter collection, it’s more like showcasing the brand to the consumers.

Why do I think it’s a bore?

Well, at the Louis Vuitton Fall RTW in Paris a few weeks ago, Marc Jacobs (one of my design heroes) pulled no holds bar (is that the phrase? I’m bad at these).

The stage was a feat in and of itself, complete with four working lifts, a porter for each, and a staircase on each side. It could’ve been an expensive hotel, circa the forties, and a delightful dream.  Not just that, all the legendary models came out from hiding to walk for him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Check out Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, Carmen Kass, Carolyn Murphy still able to strut their stuff (see the cute ‘realistic’ porters in the background), but best of all Kate Moss, who after ten years still knew how to captivate a crowd being the anti. Apparently when she first started she was the anti-supermodel of the time and in 2011 Kate strutted the catwalk smoking a cigarette on the UK anti-smoking day! Yep.  It’s okay, Kate was in Paris.

Check out the video.

To me, smoking on the catwalk seemed slightly passé.  Maybe she is too.  What do you think?

See, this is what I love about fashion, so contradictory and frivolous, but most of all it’s exciting and entertaining and where would I be without it?  That’s what the Melbourne Fashion Festival should aim to be.  Hear that Grant? (I hope he actually doesn’t, I would be mortified if he actually read this.)

What do you think of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival? Will you be going to any of the shows?