Happy Sunday.

This is how I like to spend my Sundays.

However, I have learnt my lesson. One Sunday, I had my mobile on sitting on my laptop and and a drink next to both. It only takes a couple of seconds and the damage was done. The Apple guy was nice:

HIM: It sounds like liquid damage, was there anything spilled on the keyboard?
ME: Uh, not that I know of…
HIM: Do you mind if I take it out back and open it up?
ME: No, go for it (I had imagined that once he opens up my laptop a gush of water would come spilling out and drown him).
HIM: Well, it seems there was liquid damage and I needed to replace the trackpad but because you have Apple Care, it’s covered.

Phone was not as lucky. So now coffee sits far, far away from my laptop.

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

images are credited to: Sea of Ghosts Blog


One response to “Happy Sunday.

  1. Dear Ms Perfect (or is it now Ms Affair?) – i LIKE to spend my sundays doing anything BUT the monster job I foolishly accepted last weekend. After being in shutdown since friday, I was hunting for some light relief this morning and realised no blog email notifications had arrived since your redesign. I was delighted to find a stash of unread blogs on your site. Yay! Am now re-signed up and awaiting your next morsel of insight ….

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