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Where is the space?

So as you’ve read, I had a baby! A beautiful, gorgeous boy. My baby boy changed my life in so many ways, many of which were unexpected. Who knew I could love and be loved so unconditionally.

Moving on, Man of the House and I, didn’t want our place to be overwhelmed with baby things. We live in a small two bedroom apartment and were careful to have ‘just the necessities’.

I’d like to think our apartment looked like this*:

I’m afraid it now looks like this*:

‘Just the necessities’ includes among others, a jungle gym; a play mat for tummy time; a pile of toys, most of which he’s too young to play with; a bouncer; a high chair; a pram… and the list continues. He’s only 5 months! He doesn’t even move yet!

Where did the space go? I don’t know, but we need more of it. So we are in the process of finding more space. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I can’t help stalking celebrity homes on RealEStalker. Oh how I could live here and I do think our kids would like living here. If only I had a cool $8.6 million (maybe chuck in a couple of extra million needed for up keeping).  What is your dream home?

*Photos do not represent the real home and might be a slight exaggeration.

images: spain dad; NY habitat





All I want for Christmas…

Is it too early to request something for Christmas? That all I want for Christmas is a walk-in-wardrobe. Yep. That is my dream.

So enjoy some of these pictures, because I know I do:

Graham Moss designed

  I love the soft colours and the contrast with the art on the bathroom wall. This is a common layout for walk-in-wardrobe but I like that doors have been put on as it hides the mess of the clothes/bags/shoes and stuff.

Melanie Fascitelli designed

Melanie Fascitelli designed

Melanie Fascitelli designed

I love the idea of my jewellery all displayed for my daily pickings. Look at all the Hermes (orange) bags/boxes in the picture above, they would have cost a fortune! However, the neatly folded clothes would not stay neatly folded for long!

Celerie Kemble via Lonny Mag

Very glam, old school charm.

Celebrity Closets

I should not be surprised that celebrities have awesome closets (after all, some live in them).

Oprah's closet

This probably is not as ostentatious as it could be! I wonder if it includes the outfits she wore while filming the Oprah show…

Mariah Carey

I don’t really like her personal style, but her ‘dressing room’ is amaaaazing! It looks bigger than my apartment!

Ralph Lauren

A classic and traditional style. Quite like his label.

But at the moment, I’ll be happy with something like this even (but wardrobe should be ceiling height):

But somehow I don’t think the family kris kingle budget allocation would cover my dream wardrobe. Nevermind, I can just keep buying clothes to go into my dream wardrobe… So are you in love with closets as much as I am? What do you want for Christmas?

images: DecorPad; Leslie Fine Interiors; Stegbar

Designer… Real Estate?

I guess I am not terribly surprised as international designers have been associated with real estate for a while now. There is the Armani apartment/hotel in Dubai or the Bulgari hotel in Milan and Bali and the Palazzo Versace in the Gold Coast.

Armani Hotel in Milan - Fountain Suite - At a bargin US$870 a night.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Australia’s own design institution, has created in partnership with Chrome Property Group, the Alex Perry Residential building in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

An impression of the lobby

Alex Perry Residential is said to be “inspired by the urban village environments in cities like New York, Paris, Athens and Barcelona… with a Miami feel to it”. Alex further adds that, “When I designed the apartments, I wanted them to have a personality. My influence was gathered from a number of places – Miami, the Greek Islands and hotel foyer’s found in New York and India”.

An impression of the interior

Prices start from $375,000 to $3 million for a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom unit. Personally, it sounds like a bit of a mismatch of architectural styles and influences and really, just because you design clothing, should you be designing residents? I don’t know. Give me a Robyn Boyd designed home any day. Yes, a good designer understands line, space and texture. But an architect works with the environment to design a house. And that’s the thing about fashion designers foray into architecture, the building can be plonked in any landscape available rather than working with the surroundings to create something special. An architect like Robyn Boyd clearly worked with the landscape and the environment. His Frankston designed house has a rural getaway feel to it (well, it was back in 1968!), while the South Yarra designed house has an urban feel to it, looks perfect for a party or two.

Do you have a favourite house or a favourite place to stay?

images: MidCentArc; The Vine; Armani Hotels

Now I can see…

I mentioned somewhere in a previous post (you know how I go on tangents) that I was getting new blinds… well they were finally installed a few weeks ago and they make such a difference!



I was a bit worried that it was too white compared to the current wall colour, but I am planning for the future wall colour (much to the horror of Mr Purfect) and I think it brightens up the place a bit.

Previously, the old blinds left the top windows uncovered (I have no idea why it was done). You can just see a bit of the top windows exposed in the first picture.  Because the blinds are installed higher (to cover the top windows), they really have brighten up the place, not to mention, help keep the place warmer at night.

The bedroom is now really dark in the mornings, which make sleeping in very easy and makes waking up for work, very difficult.

Are you working on a Before & After project?

Market to market (sound familar?)…

I had a bit of déjà vu while reading M in the Age today.  I was quite surprised at how similar the article below was to my post.  I hollered “plagiarism” to which Mr Purfect responded with, “maybe you’re not the only person with the same idea…”  Anyway, the article has outlined a couple more markets that I didn’t mention (of course, I knew about them but thought I would edit some out… honest).

Nevertheless the point is, I hope that you’re inspired to get out and about this long weekend.

Where have I been? At designEX of course!

Wow time does fly.  I recently thought to myself, “hmmm… when’s the last time I posted? Over a week ago! That’s terrible!”

Where does time go? I don’t think I’m qualified to actually answer that question, nor do I think that you want to read that sort of stuff here. Anyway, I must admit not much has been inspiring of late.  Possibly, because I have doing serious stuff, until Friday!  I was super lucky to score Linda’s ticket to designEx!

designEx is apparently Australia’s leading design and architecture event, presenting the best in contemporary and classic design to inform and inspire.   Showcasing the latest products and design trends from local and international studios and brands.

And… it’s exclusive! For people in the industry only, teasing us design wanna-bees by not inviting us to the party.  So yes, I crashed the partee.

My top things from designEx were:

  1. HPM Legrand Australia – What do they make? Light switches. Yep, gorgeous low profile range of switches and powerpoints, designed with fine lines for a “shadowless” appearance.  With a 4mm profile and premium high gloss surface finish, the Linea range captures the essence of surface beauty. That was lifted off the website. Who writes this stuff?  Anyway, totally interchangeable. What colour should the light switches be today?
  2. Volker Haug makes beautiful industrial style lights – made his first light at the age of ten (I was playing with my cabbage patch doll, remember those?).
  3. Yellow Diva is a collaboration between an English architect and an Australian industrial designer/art director. Both were exploring the sculptural potential of furniture, an overlapping of interests that was to prove a natural crossover point for the two professions.  An outcome is the M Series of sofas – cute as a button!
  4. Standout pod was the ilve pod, it was totally enclosed with magenta walls to attract you to come in.  Had a bar feel to it. What do they make? Stoves, ovens and rangehoods.  I was particularly attracted to the Sphera rangehood. Though, at the time I had no idea what I was looking at. It was black, shiny and sleek looking. A man with a French accent explained the whole thing to me and made it sound interesting… or was that the accent.  Anyway the video below shows what I was looking at and when you watch it, imagine a French accent telling you how it works.
  5. Lunch at giuseppe arnaldo & sons. Okay, not at designEx but all that viewing and sensory overload left me hungry.  This was just cross the road and my day off.  So Ms M and I treated ourselves to a proper lunch. giuseppe arnaldo & sons feels very similar to North Bondi’s Italian & Sons.  I think they’re owned by the same peops.  Though the crowd at giuseppe arnaldo & sons is far less pretentious, or is that Melbourne in general… Anyways I had the Spaghetti Arrabbiata Crab, Tomato and Chilli, which is baked in a paper bag… I ate every single stand of pasta… it was delicious.

A perfect end to a design perfect day.  Thanks Ms M.

So do you get excited by light switches or rangehoods as I do?

Back from the market.

A few posts ago, I wrote about designery markets that were on in Melbourne.

I was disappointed about Hide & Seek Market that according to the newspaper was supposed to be on last, last Sunday (20 March), however it was not on (probably some miscommunication between the market organiser and newspaper).  So I walked away with an empty heart but a coffee in hand.  So all was okay in the world. According to the website, it’s on again (maybe) Sunday 3 April.

Last weekend the Finders Keepers market was on at Docklands.  I went on Saturday after delightful coffee with Something beginning with F in my old hood before Saturday afternoon drinks.

Arriving at the market, I was in my element.

Plenty of designers showcasing their goods, which ranged from handmade prints, jewellery, cute babies out fits, and bags.  I’ve been to enough of these things to not buy spur of the moment, (unless it’s a bargain) but rather I enjoy checking out what’s new and who’s making it.  I did pick up a wonderful tote for a birthday present and a range of designer business cards – designers to keep my eye on.

I did covet one of these pouf / footstool / floor cushion thing by Mookah. But Mr Purfect is not convinced… yet.

Did I also mention that the Taco Truck was there?  OMG. Delicious. I have been wanting to try Taco Truck for aaages, after reading about it here and was discouraged by the idea that their location is advertised on Twitter and… I don’t have one of those things. Gasp.

Did you get a chance to visit Finders Keepers and did you covet/purchase anything?