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Designer… Real Estate?

I guess I am not terribly surprised as international designers have been associated with real estate for a while now. There is the Armani apartment/hotel in Dubai or the Bulgari hotel in Milan and Bali and the Palazzo Versace in the Gold Coast.

Armani Hotel in Milan - Fountain Suite - At a bargin US$870 a night.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Australia’s own design institution, has created in partnership with Chrome Property Group, the Alex Perry Residential building in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

An impression of the lobby

Alex Perry Residential is said to be “inspired by the urban village environments in cities like New York, Paris, Athens and Barcelona… with a Miami feel to it”. Alex further adds that, “When I designed the apartments, I wanted them to have a personality. My influence was gathered from a number of places – Miami, the Greek Islands and hotel foyer’s found in New York and India”.

An impression of the interior

Prices start from $375,000 to $3 million for a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom unit. Personally, it sounds like a bit of a mismatch of architectural styles and influences and really, just because you design clothing, should you be designing residents? I don’t know. Give me a Robyn Boyd designed home any day. Yes, a good designer understands line, space and texture. But an architect works with the environment to design a house. And that’s the thing about fashion designers foray into architecture, the building can be plonked in any landscape available rather than working with the surroundings to create something special. An architect like Robyn Boyd clearly worked with the landscape and the environment. His Frankston designed house has a rural getaway feel to it (well, it was back in 1968!), while the South Yarra designed house has an urban feel to it, looks perfect for a party or two.

Do you have a favourite house or a favourite place to stay?

images: MidCentArc; The Vine; Armani Hotels


As the snow falls… on RAFW

It is ridiculously freezing in Melbourne this week, with wind, rain, hail and snow (in some areas). So I turn my attention to somewhere warmer. Sydney and Fashion Week!  The blogosphere has been going nuts with posts, videos and twitter updates (I still have yet to figure out twitter, am I showing my age?), but I’m admiring from afar as my austere job doesn’t gel with watching fashion shows. Pity. They could probably benefit from being introduced.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2-6 May showcases the look for SS11/12. I think Australian fashion is quite different to the northern hemisphere. We have our own style, which tends to be trans-seasonal (reflecting our mild* weather) and less formal. Even our premier red carpet event, the Logies does not compare in any way, shape or form to the Oscars, BAFTA or my favourite red carpet event, the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But I do love our style, especially as we’re not hostage to the trends produced each season. The French is also fan of the quality, over quantity in fashion, but they tend to have both! So what’s new this year?


Lover the label - RAFW - SS11/12

Designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand of Lover were back this year after a 5 year hiatus from RAFW and boy did they come back with a bang. Taking inspiration from the Chinese mythology The White Serpent, Lover’s SS2011/12 collection bought to life the beauty of romance “tempered by tragedy”. It was unmistakably Lover, with the right balance of femininity (lace) with a bit of edge (leather and sharp tailoring) and a controlled colour palette of red, white and black.

Lover the label - RAFW - SS11/12

Bright Colours

Obviously SS will mean colour (debatable if you live in Melbourne). So it really shouldn’t be a surprise, but the colours have been bright and across the colour spectrum rather than the citrus colours of previous years.  Alex Perry, an Australian institution, showcased a couple of pieces that I fancied. I’m not traditionally a fan as I think he designs for glamazons rather than vertically challenged gals, not to mention that well… he tends to design dresses that are just that. Nothing fancy, just straight down the road. This goes back to my initial point about Australian fashion.  Anyway, this collection was inspired by Cuba, so it was largely based on the colours of turquoise, aqua, lime, tangerine with a variety of cuts and tailoring.

Alex Perry - RAFW - SS11/12

The year also sees the return of Josh Goot after 3 years away, building up his label in NY and London. His tailoring still immaculate, but this time focusing on a voluminous silhouette with an eye-popping palette of fluoro pink, cobalt blue, green, silver and white that certainly would have been a fun show to watch.

Josh Goot - RAFW - SS11/12

Though the best part about Fashion Week? What the Editors are wearing! Seriously, fashion is their jobs and Editors are meant to be CEOs or Ministers of Fashion. Yet, surprisingly some Editors looked a bit average. Why am I surprised? Some Ministers are very average, Justin Madden or Stephen Conroy anyone?

Picture 1: AWW – H. McCabe, Ed. Picture 2:  Harper’s Bazaar – E. McCann, Ed. with Grazia – K. Hush, Ed. Picture 3: InStyle – K. Hume, Fashion Ed with K. McCallum, Ed

Picture 4: Madison – E. Renkert, Ed. Picture 5: STYD – J. Cullen, Ed. Picture 6: Sydney Magazine – P. McCarthy, Fashion Director

Is it me, or are their names weirdly similar? Anyway, what do you think of the Editors outfits? What did you think was a standout of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week?

*I think Australia is considered a temperate climate as the high and low temperatures are not as extreme as other places. Though it is hard to tell lately.

images are credited to: Getty, Ohjamie and Life.Styled.