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to market, to market to buy… nothing?!

A few weekends ago, I visited the much anticipated Magnolia Square markets
(I had blogged about it here and The Age newspaper mentioned it here).

The nicely styled Magnolia Markets

It was rather lovely and girly at first, but after a while it was a bit… too cute. After walking around, I needed a sharp edge and to look at something not in a pastel colour. I am far from edgy, but too much cute makes me puke (apologies for the rhyme, I couldn’t help myself). Even the Rose Street Artists Market is a bit more balanced. However, the styling was pretty good and there were a couple of outstanding designers:

Poulier & Poulier – A husband and wife team that design and produce a unique range of homewares. Their design philosophy is simple, to create timeless graphic pieces with wit and charm, which they have. I love the original tram destination blinds for the charming W class trams, particularly the Fitzroy blind. It would look awesome at the end of a hallway. 

Vintage Prints – They lovingly deconstruct old children’s books to turn them into individual prints. Looking at the prints leaves you very nostalgic. If you get a chance, view them in person as the website doesn’t do it justice.

Sisken – Melbourne designed leather goods. The ballet flats looked so comfy and stylish.

It was like a breath of fresh air to attend a good ol’ favourite Camberwell Sunday Market, it’s a bric-a-brac type market which is great for foraging for a gem. I have found a few outstanding gems from time to time and have even sold here a few times. But this Sunday, I missed out on a beautiful chair, if only I was 38 seconds faster!  If all else fails, the traditional jam filled doughnuts easily hit the spot.

Camberwell Sunday Market operated by the Rotary Club of Balwyn

Sometimes you don’t even need a market to find a gem. Look what I found, for FREE. It was hard rubbish collection the other weekend, and someone was throwing this out! Swings and roundabouts as someone once said.

A new addition to my home. For FREE!

So, what are you doing this weekend?

images are credited to: Mr Affair, Poulier & Poulier, Vintage Prints, Sisken and e-pao.net.